I love taking pictures! Ever since I was a little girl, I have spent hours clicking away. My first official "training" or photography classes began in high school, traveled with me through college & I am still learning from others.

By day, I am a photography teacher/art department chair/photography college professor for community ed...artist, wife, personal chef (for husband, friends & family) neighbor & friend. I come from a HUGE artist family, my mother was an art director, my grandpa, great grandpa, cousin, brother.. a painter... and it continues.

Being a good photographer is more than just being born with the innate desire to create, it means that I need to continually grow & learn. I am not afraid to try out new lighting, new poses, new styles. If my client has a better idea for a photograph I am happy to accommodate.

I also understand that not everyone can afford to pay the price of a diamond for a photography package. I have various options available and I hope I have something that looks good to YOU!

But most of all, I try my very best to maintain a positive & happy attitude. The client comes first in my book.
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