Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Although there are many other professional sites out there for promoting ones-self as a photographer, I have chosen to go with FLICKR. This way I can pass all of the savings on to YOU. Comment on this section leaving me your full name & receive 10% off any order scheduled by Oct 31. This means you can schedule as far in advance as you like, and still receive 10% off from the Fall Savings Coupon. Remember to schedule via my website http://www.erinimaging.com under "Contact Me." For any orders on prints, framed prints, photobooks, etc this discount is 15%. Visit my flicker page by clicking above on "my Flickr photostream" to preview low resolution, watermarked images. All prints are created in a professional lab (NOT COSTCO or WALMART) from high resolution, non-watermarked images and all frames are custom made. Thanks for looking!

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  1. I'm loving all the new ventures! May they bring you happiness (and some extra moolah!!!!!). Do you/can you go to Eastern Europe next June? I will call you soon with more details :)

    Thanks for making me famous (two references in the above post, ALONE!).


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