Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Hello everyone!

I have decided that Flickr posed the best option to host ALL of my MANY photos! As such, it is going to take me a few weeks to upload everything (sorry guys, personal snapshots are still going to remain private)... we ARE talking 6 years of digital photography good-ness. Plus, I plan on scanning all of my film photos & uploading them as well. This way, if my house should ever burn down (unlikely- HOPEFULLY!) or if my computer/hard drive should crash (LIKELY) I don't have to rely on my back up cd's or my lifepics ordering site. I'll have it all online, accessible from any computer in the world! Best of all it's on 25 bucks for the entire year! Hurray! Thank you Flickr. I will of course, continue to upload recent photo shoots in a timely manner from all of my new clients, but if you're needing to see more (aka, older photo shoots like the US District Courts or my travels abroad) I'm begging for your patience. Thank you! :)

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