Monday, July 5, 2010

Q&A With Erin

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions...

"Can you do the vintage (and or grunge- I get asked both) look & why don't you?"
YES! I teach photoshop classes on a daily basis (summer not included) and I do know how to do MANY MANY MANY more tricks than what you normally see on my blog. I am thinking of putting together an example book somewhere that clients can look at, I just have been too busy taking pictures lately. All my clients need to do is ask though. I can make pictures look like paintings, do vignettes, add grunge borders, collage....etc. Honestly though I worry that my clients will regret the fad later on & I want my pictures to stand for a lifetime. I offer your original color print (although I do brighten the eyes & soften the skin on each photo) & your choice between black & white or signature chocolate because those three options are the most popular & stand the test of time. But YES, I can do a LOT of neat photoshop tricks.

"Where are you located?"
Home base, Eagle Mountain, UT. HOWEVER. I commonly serve the Salt Lake & Utah County valleys & am ALWAYS willing to travel for a small fee depending on where you want me to go ;) Destination shoots are always available (esp St. George, UT, Pocatello, ID, Las Vegas, NV, Hawaii, Belgium, or North Carolina as I have access to lodging there). I LOVE going to new places & it doesn't take me long to find locations in new areas.

"What type of equipment do you use?"
Nikon slr's all of the way, although I am looking into transferring into cannon because they are becoming a better bang for your buck. I have a wide angle, macro, telephoto zoom & regular telephotos lens as well as several speedlights , softboxes & umbrellas. I can shoot in film as well but prefer digital for ease of use, and most of my lenses were built for my digital camera. Honestly I know a lot of people think that it's the camera that makes the professional but I've gotten some AWESOME shots from my little point & shoot I've taken on vacations. These days it seems everyone can afford a high quality camera but not a lot of people know, REALLY know, how to use them.

"How can you have enough time to take pictures & teach high school? Does that mean you're too busy to do my wedding?"
Teachers get to take personal days for a small fee (pay the sub) & most weddings are on weekends.. so I am never too busy to shoot for you!

"Do you have props? I don't have any baskets or anything."
Of course! Most photographers have a small array of props for every occasion. If there is something special you'd like in the photograph, bring it! You'd be surprised at what shoots well. Pictures are more meaningful if the props mean something to you. Journals & items from special things you've done together are always fun for engagements :)

"Why are you so cheap? Does that mean you're not as good as someone else who charges more?"
Because I LIKE taking photographs. I don't believe in charging a lot for my services, even though I have a lot of knowledge behind them. I may not charge as much as the next person, especially for wedding photography, but if there's a specific "look" you're going for I can probably do it & if I can't I will tell you BEFORE you pay me. I want you to be happy with your photos because memories last forever. The last thing I want is for you to look at your pictures weeks, months or years down the road & think "I wish I would have hired someone else."

on the flipside....

"Why is photography/why are you... so expensive? I saw online this other photographer is charging ______"
Ok I realize I cannot fit EVERY person's budget. Taking photos is a lot of work because I am a perfectionist. However, don't feel embarrassed to email me & ask "What can you do for __________$?" I will be straight forward with you & hopefully we can come up with an option that works for you. Everything is custom. Also, there are a lot of new photographers who charge less than I do because they are just starting out. They would be great for family shoots or newborns, or even bridals or engagements...because those can be re-done, but I would not recommend them for your wedding day, unless you hire them and a professional. I hope I do not offend photographers by saying that. It was not my intention. I know everyone has to start somewhere :)

I hope I have answered some of your most common questions. Please feel free to keep emailing me questions & I will do another Q&A Series soon.

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